Realizing experience-led transformation in the experience economy.

Eyisol Limited has curved out a Niche for web development and innovative software solutions. Our products and services are in use in Kenya and east Africa. Countless partners, customers, and users rely on them every day.

We create intuitive, tailored software products which can be seamlessly integrated into existing business processes and automate, mobilize and optimize workflows. For new businesses or those that are yet to venture online, we design, develop and maintain your web portal giving your organization an unforgettable online experience while you concentrate on your core business.

In a highly dynamic and constantly changing world, we enable organizations to implement digitalization quickly and easily. With our digital technologies and platforms, we offer the basis on which companies can continually change, adapt and develop completely individually. That is how we make digitalization easy and attainable for everyone.

The experience economy is rewriting the rules of digital transformation. Amid rapid digital proliferation and rising end-user demands, delivering exceptional experiences for customers, employees, and partners is quickly becoming a top C-suite priority. Winning organizations increasingly leverage experience as the north star for large-scale digital transformations—and the connective tissue that unifies the front, middle and back offices. 

We create positive human interactions that drive meaningful business outcomes. A values-led intrapreneurial organization, we’re grounded in innovation, focused on transformation and relentlessly curious.